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COME THE MOTHER CALLS: H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Indian Express, Poona, 28-12-89

By A Staff Reporter

Pune, Dec.27: Mataji Nirmala Devi, the proponent of the Sahaj Yoga, who claimed that she had helped people achieve self-realisation without charging fees, blasted all gurus, whom she described as 'rascals', as well as the members of the anti-superstition committees.

Adressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the Mataji said all gurus and godmen, who earned their living out of people, were fake. Calling Rajneesh alias Osho and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as 'Bilandar' (rascal) and 'Mahachor' (thief), and Satya Sai Baba as a 'liar', she alleged that the gurus exploited their innocent followers. "I have no large following because I do not seek money from my followers," she said.

The controversial Mataji, however, evaded a direct answer to the question as to whether she was ready to accept the challenge thrown by the anti-superstition committee to prove her claim of self-realisation on scientific grounds. She said the anti-superstition committee leaders had not approached her in a 'proper' way. "I will accept their suggestion to express my views on a platform shared by the committee leaders. But they must hold talks with me first. And most of the time, I have a busy schedule since I have to visit different countries to deliver discourses," she said.

Nirmala Devi, who seemed agitated when newspersons questioned her about the challenge thrown by the anti-superstition committee, had called the committee leaders by mames. She said she had spent almost three hours explaining her Sahaj Yoga theory to the leader of the anti-superstition committee, Mr. Shyam Manav. "But he has no brains, even after the three-hour talk, he could not understand my self-realisation theory," she said.

Claiming that her self-realisation theory was no blind faith, the Mataji said even science had limitations; there were many things which were still beyond scientific explanations.


Times of India, dated 28.12.1989. The Times of India News Service

Pune, Dec.27: Mataji Nirmaladevi, who claims to have the power to awaken the "kundalini", today failed to accept a challenge by the Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (superstition eradication committee) here.

samiti has offered her Rs.2 lakhs to prove her powers before a panel of experts.

At a press conference here today arranged by the mataji's disciple, Yogi Mahajan, all she could say to persistent queries from newsmen was that she did not have time at the moment and that the samiti members should approach her formally. She denied having received any letter from the samiti asking her to accept the challenge.

The samiti spokeswoman, however, confirmed that a letter had already been submitted to Yogi Mahajan yesterday. The samiti has set up a panel of five experts from various fields for the scientific examination of any claims of supernatural powers. The panel comprises the managing director of "Sakal", Mr. Prataprao Pawar, the vice-chancellor of Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Dr. Ram Takawale, the director of the National Chemical Laboratory, Dr. R.A.Mashelkar, the renowned thinker, Mr. Laxmanshastri Joshi, and the former chief justice of the Bombay high court, Mr. B.N.Deshmukh.

Mataji Nirmaladevi claimed during the press conference that she had cured thousands of patients of heart or other diseases in the country and abroad through awakening of the kundalini. She contended that the kundalini rising was, however, not possible in case of every person. One had to have a balanced personality and one had to be a true seeker to achieve self-realisation, she said.

She cited examples of some well-known industrialists like Mr. Rahul Bajaj and Mr. B.R.Malhotra and also presented two persons suffering from blood cancer who she said were cured by her.

Mataji, who stays in London at present and who is the wife of a U.N. official, has a number of foreign disciples who were present at the press conference.

She wondered as to why she could not be accepted in her own country when she had a large following abroad. The Maharashtrians particularly were too critical, she declared.

Displaying total contempt towards the work being done by the Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti and its members, Mataji said that she did not consider them important enough to accept a challenge from. She was, however, evasive over the question of coming face to face with the samiti experts. "I do not understand why they are after me when I am doing so much for the welfare of the people. What good are they doing for others," she questioned.

Mataji, who travels all over the world for her preachings, discarded other gurus such as Maharshi Yogi, Rajneesh and Satya Sai Baba as a 'hoax'.

At her public preaching here yesterday, Mataji also criticised some newspapers for publishing reports against her. The members of the samiti held silent demonstrations at the venue.


By our Staff Reporter

Spokesman of the Osho Commune International has claimed that Nirmala Devi was a formal disciple of Osho Rajneesh and she had left him out of personal ambition to become a spiritual leader but she has no spiritual powers.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti, spokesmen of the commune, in a statement issued on Thursday referred to Nirmala Devi's remarks criticising Osho Rajneesh during a press conference recently. He produced a copy of a photograph of Nirmala Devi attending a meditation camp addresssed by Osho then known as Acharya Rajneesh, in Nargol, Gujarat in May, 1970.

He quoted Osho's discourse of 1981, in which Rajneesh had said, "There are so many fools in the world. Many indians can find disciples. It is not a problem at all. One of my disciples, Nirmala Srivastava, has now become a great spiritual leader. Now her name is long: Her Holiness Jagatjanani - the mother of the whole world - Mataji Nirmalaji Srivastavji."

Swami Keerti has claimed that Nirmala Devi's anger towards the ASNS (superstition erradication committee) shows she is frightened of being investigated. "Her claim that she does not charge money for awakening people's spiritual powers seem strange, because how is she able to travel around the world and live so comfortably without money." he has remarked.

"I encourage ASNS to thoroughly investigate this woman's so-called spiritual powers, which are sure to be proved bogus," Swami Keerti said.


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"You know Nirmala Devi Srivastava is the first god-woman to hold a dhana (demonstration) outside the PM's house asking for protection from us! We had sent her a notice under the Magical Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act and under the Medical Practitioner's Act which says no one can treat without a medical license. And we exposed her."

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