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Speaking Out on Sahaja Yoga

Not Easy

Coming out against Sahaja Yoga isnít an easy thing to do and it is small wonder relatively few ex members make the effort. Rest assured that for every person who does speak up, there may well be thousands who believe the same in silence.

Why the reluctance to speak out? Well, for one thing, you do make many dear friends in Sahaja Yoga and who wants to upset a good friend over religion? None of us wishes to hurt any of those who believe so deeply in something, especially since most are pretty clearly victims of this mind-controlling cult themselves.

Another restricting factor is that, aside from being a false religion, Sahaja Yoga doesnít seem so bad. Itís a friendly, close-knit community with solid, conservative religious values.  That coupled with the fact that it's hard to admit to yourself that you could have been so, so wrong about such deep beliefs hardly encourages activism.

But there is a darker side to the Sahaja Yoga community that few of its members ever see: Shri Mataji is either psychotic, utterly depraved or both. I have encountered the dark side of Sahaja Yoga first hand and it is truly despicable. Frankly, I would never have believed it existed had I not seen it for myself.

Threats and Intimidation

I have, of course, been threatened with eternal damnation.  That sort of goes without saying as it is one of the core beliefs of Sahaja Yoga.  They point to Mark 3:20-35 where Jesus said that "all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin."

Since Sahaja Yogis believe the Mrs. Srivastava is the Holy Spirit incarnate, this is a great quote for getting the troops to toe the line.  Of course, Sahaja Yogis and Mrs. Srivastava reject large parts of the Bible as corrupt.  Being able to pick and choose what's correct and what's not correct from such a large tome makes supporting your dogma awfully easy.

But silly threats of eternal damnation are only the beginning.  There is apparently an organized effort within Sahaja Yoga to silence anyone speaking against the cult through threats including defamation and black mail.  For example, in Yahoo discussion groups, ex members of the cult have been harrassed in the most vile and unethical manner I've yet witnessed.

Person's acting in the name of Sahaja Yoga have:

  • Revealed the identities of persons who wished to discuss matters anonymously (as nearly all Sahaja Yogis themselves do).
  • Posted false and libelous statements about various persons, including my wife and me.
  • Published a web site dedicated to defaming ex members who have dared to criticize Sahaja Yoga openly.  This web site is registered under Domains by Proxy, which appears to be a company specifically designed to serve the online needs of criminals.
  • Physically intimidated people criticizing Shri Mataji at her public lectures
  • Attacked and threatened the spouses and loved ones of persons speaking against Sahaja Yoga

These are the tactics of at least some Sahaja Yogis in discussion groups on Yahoo.  While the organization of Sahaja Yoga can easily claim that these people have acted on their own, it is all too clear to me that this is an organized effort of intimidation coming from the highest levels of Sahaja Yoga -- almost certainly from Shri Mataji Srivastava herself.

As I said, I never would have believed it.  If I had any doubt about Sahaja Yoga being a destructive cult before, these experiences have put those to rest.  Without any question, Sahaja Yoga is a thoroughly unethical organization.

Societal Danger

All this has made me realize that Sahaja Yoga is a dangerous movement. The leader appears to be an amoral, if highly intelligent psychopath. She leads thousands of followers ready to do whatever she commands, without a second thought. Indeed, the whole of a Sahaja Yogiís ethic is the word of Shri Mataji Srivastava. Her every utterance supercedes anything else in what amounts to a real-world teleological suspension of the ethical, at least for each of Shri Matajiís hopelessly brainwashed followers.

While the rest of us can take some small comfort in the fact that Mrs. Srivastava hasnít asked her sycophants to be violent on a large scale, one has to wonder what the future holds given this obviously insane, charismatic leader. If we are safe, it may only be due to the fact that Mrs. Srivastava really does believe she is THE goddess and THE creator of Existence. In her delusion, she acts according to unconsciously held beliefs on the nature of divine righteousness, rooted primarily in Hindu and Christian theosophy.

Still, absolute power corrupts absolutely and Mrs. Srivastava is a case study on that point.

I do hope the law enforcement agencies of the free world are keeping an eye on these folks. One might also suggest that the tax-collection agencies of the world take a much, much closer look as well.

One thing I can tell you with total confidence is this:

Never trust a Sahaja Yogi. None can ever be trusted, no matter how nice they appear to be. Each and every Sahaja Yogi is bought and owned Ė down to their very soul.

Bought with what?  Everything that a cult has to offer: belonging, aggrandizement (they are saints after all), purpose and relief from the rather weighty responsibility of free will. 

-- Nick

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