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Some Contradictions in Sahaja Yoga

{pointed out by a previous forum member}

Posted on [talk-about-sy] on 2/2/2004 by Giahn [nutmeg2323@yahoo.com.au]

 1) You are your own guru, but you are told to follow your leaders.

2) Mataji says that SY can cure all kinds of diseases, but SY's  continue toget serious physical and mental illnesses which SY doesn't  cure, and mataji herself also goes to various doctors.

3) SY is free and open to everyone, but notice that most of the SY's  mataji surrounds herself with are either high-paid professionals or  wealthy individuals. Very few SY's of modest means are among the  chosen few who get to spend much time with her. If you doubt this,  check it out for yourself.

4) The "experience" which is talked about in SY is said to be  spontaneous, but if you ask most SY's they rarely experience it  spontaneously. In fact, they must follow a formalized meditation  routine, repeat mantras, use symbolic props and so forth - all to  generate the "spontaneous" experience.

5) SY is a belief system, in spite of how it is presented otherwise.  It is a religion with its own inherent beliefs, like other religions.

6) SY is said to unite the religions of the world, but it is  predominently Hindu.

7) Mataji's family always gets to sit in the front row at the music programs, even though they are not SY's. SY's are told to forget  about their attachments to their families and concentrate only on  spirituality. Meanwhile, Mataji travels the world visiting her family  and they get to sit up front with her while the SY's sit in the back  and watch a video monitor. Why is she so attached to her family if  they aren't SY's? As she said, SY is your family now.

8) Listen closely to Mataji's public programs on tape. She has been repeating the same lecture over and over and over for years. This is  also true for many puja lectures.

9) Mataji claims to have been Jesus' mother in the past, as well as  many other important figures. Yet, she offers very little specific  information about the life of Jesus or anyone else. Why does she not  set the record straight once and for all about Jesus and his life,  what he really did, and so forth?

10) There is very little substantive information given to SY's about  the subtle body. Mataji told SY's that she didn't write a book about  it because then it would just be mental knowledge and of no use. In  addition, she said that all SY's should become experts in the  knowledge of "vibrations". Nonetheless, SY's are not experts, there  is not a clear understanding of how to actually use "vibrations" to  detect or treat serious diseases. SY's don't even know the basics  about how chakras function.

11) SY is meant to unite humanity, but because it has set itself  apart as a distinct religion it is adding to the division of  humanity. By being separate it is divisive. It can only unite  humanity if all humans join into it.

12) Mataji says she is God, and that God has no interest in money.  Yet she has taken hundreds of thousands of unaccounted "dakshinat"  over the years. She has never provided an accurate accounting of  where all the collected money goes.

13) Mataji has said that SY is natural and spontaneous, and therefore  she never needs to tell SY's what to do because they can feel what is  good for themselves. Yet, she is continually telling SY's what to do  and what to not do.

14) Mataji says she needs no comforts at all, yet she travels and  lives in the lap of luxury.

15) In America all SY's were specifically encouraged to send a letter  to their government officials (who had no idea who mataji is) which  asked these officials to send mataji a birthday greeting. SY's were  given an example of a letter to send out. Later, SY's and mataji  proudly exclaimed about how many government officials recognized  mataji and sent her birthday greetings. SY willingly participated in  this sham.

16) Mataji has been sharply criticising America for 20 years for its  social and ethical decline (calling it a "demonocracy"), but she does  not mind her grandchildren attending expensive American colleges, and  now she herself plans to live here for much of the year.

17) In Mataji's letters to the ex-SY website, she makes a number of  errors in her comments about specific individuals involved. She says  she is omniscient, but she makes errors.

18) When mataji makes errors she is still considered to be omniscient, because, being in charge of the universe as she is, when she makes  errors she is doing it intentionally. That is her maya power, to  trick humans. SY's believe this.

19) Mataji says you can't organize God, but she has created a huge organization in the name of God.

20) Mataji and SY's use some photographs which are  considered "miraculous" yet are clearly known to be photographic  flaws (such as a flashbulb causing a light, which is then said to be  light emanting from one of her chakras).

21) Have you ever read her recent book? Some sections are clearly  excerpts from lectures, which she has repeated many times. This book  was supposed to give humanity an understanding of her vision. If you  have read this book you will know that it clarifies very little. It  is barely organized.   

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